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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Science |

Researchers create flexible headphone cable through the liquid metal

Researchers create flexible headphone cable through the liquid metal

State University of North Carolina, USA, have shown an interesting public technology is under development, resulting in the manufacture of lead wires which are flexible and do not require the use of solid metal on the inside, achieving this feat thanks to a type of rather interesting.

The cable is formed in its exterior by a flexible polymer, which contains the indium and gallium alloy that forms the liquid metal while maintaining very high levels of electrical conductivity, so that current flows smoothly and allows the structure expand to eight times from its original size, resulting in a very versatile wire according to its developers, can be used for and mobile phone chargers, including vast possibilities. However, before going on sale this product should solve one of the most important problems that have been found so far: how to prevent spills of liquid metal in case of cracks? Surely as having a solution, we will see something with this technology in the commercial market.

For now, we can see a video demonstration:

Link: Liquid metal headphone wires stretch without losing the beat (The Verge)

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