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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Science |

Researchers find that graphene is repaired only

Researchers find that graphene is repaired only

The is a fascinating material: two-dimensional mesh of carbon atoms whose properties straight out of fiction, but should be transparent enough to retain the helium density, yet allows water to drain, is 200 times more resistant than steel, has a high electrical and thermal conductivity, etc..

The problem is that to take advantage, we must first understand the graphene and behavior (not for nothing this material researchers won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 ). The last property of this material is discovered surprising: it has the ability to ‘repair only’ in case of damage.

A team of physicists at the University of Manchester, led by one of the scientists who won the Nobel in 2010, shot a beam of electrons to a sheet of graphene to create a small hole then filled with atoms of palladium and nickel. To the surprise of the researchers, if carbon atoms added to the hole, they moved to nickel and palladium to return to ‘weave’ mesh graphene as if nothing had happened.

Physicists also noted that if the hole was filled with pure carbon atoms, the mesh was repaired with perfect hexagonal shape, but if you used a hydrocarbon, the hole was filled with more irregular shapes.

Is this the first step in creating clothes that repair alone?

Link: Damaged Surfaces graphene ‘heal spontaneously’ if torn (Wired UK)

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