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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Results 3DMark version of Android will be comparable to Windows

Results 3DMark version of Android will be comparable to Windows

Months ago, it was confirmed that the software officially come to the Android mobile operating system , after a long and unique presence on the platform. Now, there is new information on the development of this project, highlighting the fact that the results on mobile phones, in one form or another, will be comparable to those achieved under the version of 3DMark to Windows 8 , to be released very likely to end this year.

We know it’s like comparing apples and oranges, for example, because the Android version used largely to demand API OpenGL ES graphics performance, but promises are promises. And that is why the upcoming new product promises to be interesting, since the idea is to position itself as a standard on mobile phones in the industry when making performance comparisons.

So, big brands are partnering with Futuremark, 3DMark who develops, and no wonder, since no one will want to stay out of the process of refining the software and see if the company gives priority to one technology over another, to improve performance on certain platforms in relation to others, although this is unethical and immoral …

But only for our information, recently Acer, Intel, and SingTel Optus, joined a select group of Futuremark, including AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Samsung, among many others.

Link: Acer, Intel, Qualcomm and SingTel Optus-Join Futuremark 3DMark to Develop for Android (TechPowerUp)

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