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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Hardware News |

Reveal exclusive video showing the PS4 out of the box

Reveal exclusive video showing the PS4 out of the box

We dealt with the shock of taking a look at the presented exclusively by blog posted on his Youtube channel. Do not know why chose this blog and not your own channel or the most renowned of other blogs to give you the scoop.

In the video blog a member of T3, shows in his hands a copy of the PlayStation 4.

It shows very closely some close shots of the next generation console from Sony. The presenter also takes the time to describe the new DualShock controller 4.

For the design aspect, the does not seem to support itself upright, though Sony offers consumers a support for it.

During good weather, Sony has chosen not to show too much, starting to reveal only the Dualshock 4. Subsequently, a teaser, a trailer and some photos of the PS4 , but never an unboxing video or a similar type.

Without further ado, here the video.

Link: The PlayStation 4 makes an appearance on video, this time out of the glass box (


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