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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Hardware |

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs]

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs]

This is a review that had long wanted to do. With some delay, on May 31 Spanish arrived in stores the new Tablet, Surface Pro, one with that can run legacy applications with Intel Core i5 processor and a screen specially designed to use a Wacom pen that has technology. All this put on a device with the same screen size RT, 10.6 inch, but unlike his companion, is heavier and thicker.

Microsoft is dedicated to hardware, and does not just consoles, has long ceased to players (not ever forget to Zune !) now makes tablets, and very good.

The first thing to understand about is perhaps the paradigm facing staff. Is it a Tablet but also a convertible? Do you use Windows 8 having applications “Metro” but also traditional desktop? Is it to a professional or anyone else can use it? Is It really worth its price? We will try to answer these questions with this analysis.


  • Display: 10.6-inch ClearType FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 10 pressure points
  • Storage: 64 GB / 128GB
  • OS: Windows 8 Pro
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD, 3.5mm headphone connection, mini DisplayPort video input, USB 3.0
  • AV: two chambers “720p HD LifeCam” microphone
  • Battery: 42 Wh, unknown capacity
  • Sensors: environmental light, accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass
  • Pencil for writing and drawing


Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 2

Undoubtedly, Surface Pro, as Surface RT , for me have one of the best designs in tablets we’ve seen, as long as you think this tablet is exceptional and compared with other similar devices with Windows.

Your material manufacturing VaporMg makes it very tough, but a lot! A small altercation with the awkwardness and frame with a wooden door resulted in a small scratch on the door, but not a scratch on Pro Surface hardness is that we can not say that is indestructible, but of course, Surface material Pro is note exactly as your name, “pro”.

We are in the back with his famous hinge that allows to Vertical Surface Pro, but just having a cap, Surface Pro position regarding our view is somewhat uncomfortable. This is something that happens in the family Surface alike. If for example you are using it on your desk with you retire a little is enough to see the whole screen and not have to force or a vertebra, but when you have a small space, like on a plane where the table is usually lower a desk, the viewing angle is something hard and you automatically feel curvarte the need to see the screen better. Is it a design flaw? Is a design quality, defect depending on the situation.

Good design details are everywhere with their cameras for example, that although there are good quality, have a certain angle so that the vision is more suited to a real position, not directly placed vertically to the chassis.

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 3

Only has a USB 3.0 port, but the reality is you’re not going to miss on most of the time. With a variety of keyboards and mice Bluetooth or just using one of their covers with keyboard including a trackpad, USB simply eventually will use to connect a USB memory, although access to Skydrive or Dropbox Windows 8 has made it increasingly this use unnecessary.

In Surface Pro right profile we find several items, a microSD card input, the charger jack and a connection for high-definition video. The level of detail of Microsoft with this product gets to the point that the digital pen that is used with this Tablet, magnetically connected to the same port, so it is much easier to take it anywhere without having to forget the pencil. That if this does not make it a perfect solution, being magnetic is relatively easy that if you “stumble” with something else, the pencil fall.


Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 4

Surface Pro screen is spectacular, but certainly not the best screens you can find now. The high density of pixels is secured in a 10.6 inch size we find a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, which makes the new Windows interface to look in detail, but we find the infamous Windows problem and this type of screens .

Find Metro applications are great, you can hardly distinguish the pixels of the text. When you’re in desktop mode the problems begin. The elements of Windows on the desktop are adapted to this type of display, no doubt, but when you move to any other desktop application you will see that the default applications, expand and create a strange effect of lengthening, by a lack of resolution. There are no desktop apps for Windows 8 that are adapted, or at least have been unable to find them. Microsoft provides a way to make applications look good, and is adapting disable resolution. There is a solution, all you do is that the windows and all items look smaller, often making it unusable.

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 5

A tactile level the answer is pretty good. Technically the screen is capable of identifying up to ten pressure points, which we understand are the ten fingers of your hands. But in addition, the calibration of the screen is exceptional. When you draw lines from corner to corner using your finger with a drawing application is checked as there are hardly any deviations of where your finger actually happened.

This is because participation in the development Wacom pen and touch screen driver, which makes it much more sensitive to pressure and the pressure point addresses.

Experience of use

Surface? Pro is a tablet for the professional or for anyone? This is surely one of the questions that Microsoft will have to face in order to categorize this Tablet. Considering the big difference from Surface Pro eradicates that have the traditional desktop and more power in order to move their applications, Surface say that this tablet is focused on a range of very defined.

As I see it, the benefit of Surface Pro is having the desktop and run many of the applications you normally use on another PC. For example Spotify, which is not available for the RT version. But also a lot of professional applications that need to run the old desk. We also included games.

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 6

For a professional job mobility which are Office tools, the fact is that it makes little sense, and has Office Surface RT integrated, but the truth is that here the Intel Core i5 processor for quite and the performance is much better. But if your job requires installing some proprietary applications, surely this is the best solution.

In the case of digital artists, here we can say that this is definitely a product that many of you will love. The precision pencil and draw the screen makes it a delight. Sketchbook Pro apps run smoothly.

The designer or programmer can be found at Surface Pro a good tool. It’s not an ultrabook lighter but certainly offers qualities like size and power that some Ultrabooks do not offer.


Surface Pro performance is exceptional when applications are in “Metro” when we go to desktop mode the reality is that the experience is more of the same, applications open faster, we can have many tabs open, run videos in Full HD.

We met a problem when we have to use applications that require far more than a processor with integrated graphics. As a test we installed the latest Need For Speed: Most Wanter and has been impossible to play with an acceptable resolution, and considering that not one of the last games that need requirements, not a good sign. If it is true that other games such as Counter Strike: Source work, but not for anything the device for a game lover.

Some results with different applications benchmarks:

  • Geekbench: 4275
  • Cinebench OpenGL: 6.66 fps
  • Cinebench CPU: 2.35 pts
  • 3DMARK Ice Storm: 18100
  • 3DMARK Cloud Gate: 1801
  • 3DMARK Fire Strike: 180

Where stressed and Surface Pro is difference in SSD memory test, which has a very good score.

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 7


Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 8 One of the questions you should ask yourself when buying any such device is the battery life. Taking into account the technical characteristics, especially the i5 processor you have, the battery makes a great effort, but the evidence submitted, still has a very limited lifespan.

With normal use navigation, play music via Xbox Music or Spotify, with some applications being used Metro while eg Chrome or Internet Explorer, with very moderate use of video (YouTube, by default), normal life the battery is between three and four hours.

Obviously depends on how you use it, the number of open applications, the brightness level of the screen … use variables too numerous battery for testing all types of users, but when you buy this tablet you know, the battery life between charges is pretty bad. If we compare with other tablets on the market, they often lose six hours in heavy use.

Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 9

A detail for the battery charger. Includes an extremely useful details of which do not understand how anyone else can use it. The transformer cable to recharge the battery, which is not very large, includes a USB port to recharge both a smartphone.

Small but great detail by Microsoft.


Review Surface Pro [FW Labs] image 10

We have used for this outlines a 128GB Surface Pro, which now costs 979 euros in Spain. Using Surface Pro surprised me, pretty much what I expected. I was very happy with the use and Surface behaved as though for my RT and have a traditional Windows desktop is not a reason to buy, I fully understand that for the rest of Windows users is.

Surface Pro is a tablet and a PC, are the two things in one device. The excellent performance of the screen added to the design level of detail and the elements, making it the best tablet / PC market right now. It has some problems like battery life, rear hinge can not be adjusted or weight and thickness, but as the first generation of a tablet, Microsoft has done a good job.

What I’m not so sure is that with a price of nearly a thousand euros in the Spanish market, with ultrabooks to rub this price, an option for a large audience. We can not otherwise expect for the next generation, Microsoft fix bugs and enhance your positive points.

I missed

  • Excellent screen
  • Good hardware performance
  • Perfect combination of tablet and PC

The unpresentable

  • Battery life
  • Weight and thickness
  • The processor overheats

Note: This Surface Pro has been assigned by Microsoft Spain and communications agency as the unit of analysis.

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