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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Software |

Richard Stallman against Canonical: “Ubuntu is spyware”

A long time ago that does not seem right anything that is done with Ubuntu. And now, the reason for their complaints is something that many of the users of has made them raise their voices, such as the integration of Amazon in the file manager main operating system.

Stallman And this has another name: Ubuntu is spyware. What is done in partnership with is not at all correct, and so much so that calls the community to stop recommending Ubuntu.

“Ubuntu uses information from search advertising to the user to show and to buy things on Amazon. Amazon does several things wrong and contributes to this by promoting it. However, the ads are not the main problem, but the user monitoring. In Canonical claim that Amazon never know who sought something specific. However, what it does is evil Canonical to keep users’ personal information, as bad as if I did Amazon.

Many other developers would abandon this practice [n. the r: referring to integration with Amazon] to know that if somebody corrects this problem, people change in mass corrected version of the new operating system. But Canonical has not removed spyware from Ubuntu, perhaps because they know the name of Ubuntu right now is important and influential enough to avoid the consequences of its users to be watching. “

From Canonical, however, defend themselves by saying that Stallman’s words are simply FUD (short Anglo disinformation strategy based on fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and that the company is not going to worry about backing out, but rather : everyone can comment without problem, but people have to realize when these views are made with an informed basis and when not. According to the Ubuntu community manager, Jono Bacon, integration with Amazon is just the beginning:

“The goal of the Ubuntu interface has always been to provide a center where search and find things that are interesting and relevant to the user. It is designed to be the center of the user experience. This is a great goal, and we’re only halfway there. “

With the next release of Ubuntu (13.04) search results go beyond even shown so far, something that will surely get hives from the purists of the spirit of free software. As always, the debate remains open, how about this new dispute between Stallman and Canonical?

Link: Richard Stallman slams spyware as Ubuntu, Canonical’s Jono Bacon prompting to call FUD (The Next Web)

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