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Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Companies |

RIM CEO recognizes that considered moving to Android

RIM CEO recognizes that considered moving to Android

RIM’s for your while it is no longer how interesting it was until a few years ago, totally eclipsed by the monsters that have become IOS and Android. And if one takes into account all the problems that has had lately, you might think that a change of operating system may not be such a complex decision.

But since RIM explained that while the change considered before, preferred to continue as they were and not go hand in hand with Android. The company’s own CEO, Thorsten Heins, explains in an interview with The Telegraph, suggesting that RIM need and prefer to keep the premise BlackBerry: stand out from the competecia.

“We made a conscious decision not to take on Android. And if you look at our competitors, there is very little room to differentiate themselves, “says Heins. Have the same operating system as its main competitors would, from their point of view, even more difficult to excel in too competitive mobile market.

Regarding that last, Heins also shown little surprised about all the credit you’re getting Windows Phone, mainly because its benefits still have to show them and it still does not happen. And even more so considering the regular sales you’ve had the Microsoft operating system for mobile.

Link: “BlackBerry is not in a trough ‘- RIM CEO Thorsten Heins interview (The Telegraph)

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