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Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 in Hardware |

RIM will pay $147 million in patent case

RIM will pay $ 147 million in patent case

If something does not need to at this time, you have to pay fines and suffer from money problems. But apparently the Canadian company it rains, it pours, as a San Francisco court ruled that the creator of the BlackBerry will have to pay $147 million for infringing a patent of Mformation.

The trial dates back to 2008 when Mformation accused of using some proprietary management systems remotely. From RIM fought back saying that he used the technology since before the patenting of Mformation, but the court finally decided that for every computer connected to the network owner, RIM must pay $8.

Of course there is RIM’s lawyers will appeal to try to reverse the measure, which only affects computers sold in the U.S. and not scattered around the world. “Good” between everything bad that’s going Research in Motion for the last time.

Link: RIM hit with $ 147.2 million verdict in patent lawsuit wireless (Chicago Tribune)

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