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RIP Google Reader (October 7, 2005 – July 1 2013)

RIP Google Reader (October 7, 2005 - July 1 2013)

When it debuted Reader in 2005 personally had no Internet, so that the product of the Mountain View company was not just the only reader that used – as it was synchronized online, but it was also my ‘offline news reader’ manually downloaded as HTML pages from the precious places where I could connect to the network to take them to my computer.

Perhaps many went through similar situations that led them to use the Google product in its time when it was operational – and remember – the Mountain View company announced on March 13 this year that it would close , citing a drop that made users focus their efforts on other products.

No doubt that Reader was a much loved product for the request to not close currently exceeds 153,000 signatures . In the days following the announcement Feedly , one of the possible replacements for Reader at the time and who better advantage and provided its users migrate to their RSS from Google, announced that it had received about 500,000 new users in two days .

Who killed Google Reader?

Over time appeared several radical theories about Google decision. Some spoke of was to avoid privacy errors occurred in the past due to lack of supervision and coordination (Reader did not have a single employee hired dedicated 100% to the platform) to avoid lawsuits .

For his part, considering the hassle of its users, Google refined their first arguments and said the death of Reader was also due to that now most people consume their news in a different way when it launched the product in 2005 , as smartphones and tablets changed the old behavior to consume news at the beginning and end of the day (which still reflected in the schedules of television news), replacing it with the constant flow of information throughout the day.

Now there are few who want to get the throne of Google Reader. A old options as Feedly or Taptu former players are added Internet that while we did not know anything about them as AOL and Digg . Who do you think officially replace Google Reader now definitively stopped working?

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