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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Internet |

(Ro) copyright Bots cutting ceremony Hugo Awards

(Ro) copyright Bots cutting ceremony Hugo Awards

The bots that work reviewing YouTube videos or copyrighted content UStream for you last played a terrible ceremony to the most prestigious awards in science fiction, the Hugo Awards , taking place since 1953 as part of the World Convention Worldcon , and this year was named Chicon 7 to be held in Chicago.

The Awards organizers have announced that the ceremony was going to pass entirely through its channel UStream . Everything was going well until I got to the categories of best short-form dramatic presentation (ie, an award for series episodes or specific parts of a larger work), which this year was awarded the spectacular English script writer Neil Gaiman ( Coraline, The Sandman, American Gods) made for the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” , the British series Doctor Who.

While the writer thanked the award ceremony was cut from one point to another by UStream. Why? Notice of the page said that the ceremony had infringed by showing images of the episodes that postulated for the prize, the British series where he added the U.S. sitcom Community with its episode about parallel universes .

All the videos were provided by their respective studies to be shown in the award ceremony, as well as having explicit permission to transmit, not have mattered much because under U.S. law, it would have to consider it a ‘ fair use ‘. However UStream robots cut transmission unabashedly.

It is becoming commonplace that robots copyright cases fail with censorship as ridiculous as a political video showing Obama by singing a song by Al Green for a couple of seconds (and that was to attack), or video Curiosity’s landing on Mars, which despite having no copyright are labeled by companies like themselves and then asking closure.

And the worst? That if this ridiculous measure achieves lock a video pirate, who goes simply encodes it again differently, like those episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons on YouTube that are beyond the scope of bots because its image is of inverted , as if in a mirror.

Link: How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards (io9)

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