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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Science |

RoboRoach cockroaches remote brings to your home, via Kickstarter

RoboRoach cockroaches remote brings to your home, via Kickstarter

Cockroaches may not be among your favorite insects, but also have a great capacity for survival , gained an uncanny ability: Can be radiocontroladas. The project to control cockroaches began three years ago , however, is now on Kickstarter looking to massively resources and to distribute kits to control cockroaches in the world.

Behind this curious project are Timothy Marzullo and Greg Gage, members of Backyard Brains looking to bring neuroscience to everyone through ideas like this. Both work on the project from Chile, a country that came through the Start-Up Chile program. “Most of the work was made and designed in Chile,” said Marzullo. “We plan to continue our efforts here,” he says. Much of the work was done in MakerSpace .

According Marzullo, the RoboRoach is aimed at students and academics, to research on neuroscience. But to offer a commercial version of his invention, need to raise some money. Donate $ 100 and you can access a kit to create your own (does not include the cockroach).

The system consists of a small “backpack” that is installed on the back of the insect. “Invented the knapsack communicates directly with neurons via small electrical impulses. The cockroach receives a small surgery (anesthesia) in which cables are installed on their antennae. Once recovered, temporarily placed a backpack on his back, “they explain.

Cockroaches detect what they have around them through their antennae, so that using electrical pulses sent by the backpack is possible to “trick” the cockroach on what you have in your environment, and forcing it to turn to the right or to left.

“We’ve been working on RoboRoach for three years, and this new version (Generation 11) is a huge advance forward, using mobile phones and digital electronics. Our previous versions were all components used analog and toy remote control, running via infrared (such as control of the TV), “said Marzullo at Engadget.

It is possible to send commands through the backpack smartphone to send signals to the brain of the cockroach, indicating which way to turn. Although it can be educational neurologically investigate how an insect and can send instructions to his little brain, how many are willing to have cockroaches as pets?

Link: The RoboRoach: a living insect control from your smartphone! (Kickstarter)

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