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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Science |

Robot can be recognized and partially in the mirror

Robot can be recognized and partially in the mirror

(C) Dan Leyzberg

“Nico” is a created and developed by scientists at Yale University, and soon more will have an important test for the rest of the world can be almost trivial: stand in front of a mirror and recognize himself.

The final aim is that the robot can use a mirror to recognize and interact with nearby objects, similar to that of humans. Currently, Nico recognizes a reflection of your own robotic arm and on that basis can identify the space around it, but the idea is to continue to refine the software into the robot so that it knows exactly who is looking to stand before the mirror.

Justin Hart, the researcher behind the project, explains that the main task is to get the robot to recognize not by his own movement, but simply by their appearance. Before Nico, and there have been similar tests on other robots, but this is the first time you try to pass the test of “full mirror”, which is to put marks on the individual not realize this, and then can recognize these brands as their own and not the object across the mirror. Only humans and a few species of animals can pass this test.

The results will be published later, when it is expected that the test has been overcome, and could mean a breakthrough in basic task as humans but as complex to reproduce in robotic entities: awareness of self and others.

Link: Robot learns to Recognise itself in mirror (BBC News)

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