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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Science |

Robot companion sits on your shoulder and helps you talk

Robot companion sits on your shoulder and helps you talk

Japan, the country of the technological wonders of the future, brings a new invention. This is a named that sits on the wearer’s shoulder and helps you chat with online friends. Now, do not know if the real friends will want to talk to you if they see you with that thing on her shoulder.

The robot has a vaguely humanoid form, without legs, and looks a bit like the angels and devils that appear in cartoons when you do not know what to do. The robot however does not give advice, but is a machine able to imitate human actions.

The creators of the Yamagata University described him as a robotic avatar. It is as if you talk to your cousin who lives in another country, and instead of calling him accompany a walk in the park sitting on his shoulder, through the robot without leaving your home. The person would stop distance in front of something like a Kinect, capturing their movements, and a 3D vision system to see what the robot sees. The recreate the movements “realistically” and act as a phone.

You can see the prototype in the video below.

Link: Japanese MH-2 shoulder is just plain weird bot (SlashGear)

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