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Robot song copyright of Google Creative Commons blocks by using a standard base

Robot song copyright of Google Creative Commons blocks by using a standard base

Ariel Rivera, Nicholas Rivera, Humberto Chavez, Felipe Rubilar Fabian Ortiz and had in 2006 a band called “Tsunamix”, set in producing electronic Music while living in La Calera. The group created a called “Electroveja”, using a base demo coming in FL Studio, plus the sound of a stuffed lamb, applause, mixed choir and other sounds in the work.

In 2009, the group you created a video clip to the subject, making the stuffed sheep strolled through various places in time to the music, and the work went to YouTube on February 28 of that year.

The following year, “we received a notification from YouTube” says Fabian Rubilar. Electroveja infringed the of a certain DJ Roby with the song “I Can not Feel No Better”, recorded by the Austrian company Rebeat Digital GmbH. The DJ Roby song appears as “released” in April 2010 . How can a 2010 theme to be the original, if it had been published in 2009 by another group?

Answer: Thanks to bots. These robots have been giving a lot to talk about in recent times, censoring the Democratic convention , for example, although it had all the permissions to reproduce the content displayed. Also there have been abuses of companies forcing remove a video of a baby dancing because the radio was playing a copyrighted song .

What seems to Electroveja I can feel no better? The base is the same, and was taken from FL Studio. “It comes by default as a base to use,” says Fabian. “A lot of songs also use that same basis, I do not know if it will go through a similar situation to us. Should you have any copyright, should be of FL Studio “he says.

As a result of the alleged copyright infringement, the video was blocked on YouTube Electroveja in Germany, and the rest of the world under the video appears that the author of the song is DJ Roby, with a direct link to iTunes to buy it. The authors sent a complaint to YouTube trying to correct this.

“We just want to delete the copyright notice that appears on the video. Do more exaggeration, especially if our songs and videos we conducted using the demo versions of the software. Our frustration is related to Felipe, our musician friend (and fairly low profile otherwise), spent many hours do you hear the song well. And it appears now that is authored by someone else, it’s pretty painful. In any case we wish to profit or anything (in fact Philip has his songs on SoundCloud for free distribution), just do not confuse a completely original audiovisual work of another person, “says Fabian.

Link: Electroveja: story of a song (Rubisempai)

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