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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Science |

Robot surf breaks Guinness record 14,000 kilometers by itself

Robot surf breaks Guinness record 14,000 kilometers by itself

The broke a Guinness record to go autonomously 14,484 kilometers across the from San Francisco to Australia. Papa Mau’s adventure began on November 17, 2011, when he was placed in the water by the company Liquid Robotics in Silicon Valley, with a brother named “Benjamin” would travel to Japan.

The Guinness record was attributed to “the greatest distance traveled over land by a robot.” One of the creators of the robot is James Gosling – also known as the father of Java.

The purpose of the record was mostly draw attention to the work that made the robot in this long journey to collect ocean data that has not been possible to obtain, helping scientists, students, educators, and other industry to areas to have greater knowledge about the oceans.

Data collected by Papa Mau were placed on the Internet in a completely open, and created a contest that will award $ 50,000 USD for the best idea on how to use this information. Data include weather information, images, flora and fauna, etc..

Papa Mau was the first of the “Wave Gliders” – as calls this type of aquatic robots – to reach its destination. It is expected to continue a second robot which was released in February after also comes to Australia, while Benjamin could reach Japan in June.

It is unclear why Papa Mau was much faster to get to your destination that Benjamin. It is still unknown if the robot found some difficulty in the way that it has stopped – as entangled in seaweed – or if you are simply on a very slow stream.

Once recovered, the robots will be repaired and adjusted to undertake new missions. One evaluates send a Wave Glider to sail around Antarctica, while also going to do one traveling from the south pole to the north pole, or make one by crossing the Northwest Passage .

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