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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Science |

Robots players gather in RoboCup in Holland

Robots players gather in RoboCup in Holland

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The soccer teams around the world gathered in the Netherlands in recent days to stand in their own World Cup, the . Although a 3 year old could get best goals that some of the that participated, the idea of the organizers of RoboCup 2050 is that PLCs can beat him in a match to human champions of the world at the time, with their own robot versions of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

To accomplish this, the robots will have to pass repetitive behavior they have today in factories for example, to become team players who can assess a situation, adapt, communicate and collaborate with their peers – trying to complete tasks in a game here football.

Of course, these features also help the use of robots in industry, and that was one of the main reasons why this tournament was started in 1997 by a group of scientists and robot manufacturers such as Sony, Aldebaran and Festo.

Although last year took the first place in child size , this year since it was a Chinese team, which competed against a Japanese fleet. In size “teen” won a German team, who faced a selection of Japan, while the size “adult” won Japan, which pitted a team from Taiwan.

Latin America had a moderate participation in the event. Chile participated with a team from the University of in the standard category, which is played with NAO robots. Mexico had three teams in the Humanoid League, FalconBots Higher Technological Institute of San Martin, Cyberlords La Salle La Salle University, and Watt-UP Pan American University, Campus Guadalajara.

In the categories that have nothing to do with football, Mexico participated in “rescue robots” with the UP-Robotics team from Universidad Panamericana, Campus Bonaterra, and Chile with the team HomeBreakers robots in home help for the category @ Home. Mexico also had a presence in the latter category with Golem teams, Pumas and Donaxi @ Home, the first two of the UNAM and the third PUASP.

RoboCup 2013
Move over Messi, Here come the robots (ABC News)

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