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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Science |

Rovio and CERN physics teach children using Angry Birds

Rovio and CERN physics teach children using Angry Birds

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are sponges. They absorb all the knowledge that grows around it, but often need to use some mechanisms to encourage their interest or attention, even for complex knowledge to adapt some levels of learning.

The news could not be more encouraging. Two of the most prominent actors in the world of today’s technology, the company Rovio and (European Organization for Nuclear Research), parent of and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), respectively, have tightened the hand to work collaboratively in a new game to teach children (and probably also large) particle physics.

This project stems from Rovio’s interest to reach younger through its powerful franchise angry birds. The company has already launched a training program called “Angry Birds Playground” in Finland, which meets the curriculum standards of initial training program for Finnish children aged 3 to 8 years.

The intent of this collaborative work will provide “fun learning experiences”, and for that there is constant interaction between producers and scientists at CERN Rovio order to create books and a board game at first, but with the intention of adding other products in the future.

The Director of Education at CERN, Rolf Landua, was with Rovio to launch this project in the Frankfurt Book Fair and predicted that “work together with Rovio, we will teach kids in a fun cuántiva and simple. “

“It is a great challenge for both parties, since all our knowledge of modern physics, a field still mysterious to many, but it already has over 100 years of research, may be promoted by the large machinery that has spread Rovio and Angry Birds “added Landua.

The gigantic machinery and merchandising franchise Angry Birds includes projects for the launch of a line of educational books for children in collaboration with publisher Egmont Publishing, in addition to shirts, stuffed toys and theme parks that fill every corner of the planet. Also, a few days ago announced the agreement between Lucas Arts and Rovio to launch the birds to an intergalactic struggle in the skin of the characters of Star Wars.

Just as children learned science Anteojito, Billiken or Genii magazine in Argentina, or Chile Icarito notes and why our younger brothers, sons and nephews would not have the memories of his early knowledge these friendly birds flying?

Link: Angry Birds Board Game The Particle Physics: CERN Collaborate On Rovio And Quantum Physics Making Learning Fun (TechCrunch)

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