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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Gadgets |

RT Microsoft Surface: Impressions of the press

RT Microsoft Surface: Impressions of the press

A number of U.S. media had access to test the Surface, Microsoft’s new tablet, which goes on sale this Friday in conjunction with Windows 8. This is an important step for the company: The first time I made “with their own hands,” a device designed to run with Windows. So far, this had been the work of associated manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, etc..

Overall, the which goes on sale Friday runs version RT – ie not able to run older software for normal PCs, but new applications only “modern”. The team is 10.8 inches, brings Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, is constructed of molded magnesium under a process that calls “VaporMg” and includes a “leg” to make the tablet can stay up on a table.

Optionally, you can buy the keyboard-covers, which come in two types: Touch Cover, which has no physical keys, but uses pressure sensors to record the click, while the Type Cover does have real keys.

How has received Microsoft’s bid? We leave here a summary.

AnandTech :

  • “Surface is very well built and extremely well designed. It is among the best I’ve had the opportunity to use, and definitely makes initial attempts shame many much more experienced companies “
  • “The Touch Cover from Microsoft is an integral part of the design of Surface. Although physically separated, and even sold separately by default, Touch Cover is really a necessary part of Surface “
  • “Surface is the most flexible tablet ever used. Through two aggregates apparently simple design (but incredibly complex to develop and implement in practice), Microsoft took the tablet and turned it into something bigger. If you’re frustrated by the limits of the productivity of the currently available tablets, Surface really seems to be the right formula for a solution “
  • “I do not think Surface is perfect. I would have liked to see a faster hardware inside, and there are some parts that need to be polished (eg, power connector and HDMI output come to my mind) but overall, the device is easily within the territory of I recommend “

All Things D :

  • “Microsoft designed two very intelligent and optional keyboards that fit thin magnetically and also function as blankets. They are better than any I’ve seen keyboards added to the iPad. And Microsoft has added a standard USB port and a system to stop the tablet on a desk “
  • “There is a downside to these keyboards: It’s almost useless to use on your lap. There is a hinge to allow the screen facing up, and holder malfunctions on your legs. Despite this, these features make the Surface best for traditional productivity tasks than any tablet I’ve ever tried “
  • “The Microsoft Surface is a tablet with some advantages: The Office applications and optional keyboards. If you can live with the small amount of third party applications and the somewhat disappointing battery life, could give productivity is lacking in other tablets “

ArsTechnica :

  • “The big problem with Microsoft is that at this time no matter how good Surface. The decision of whether to buy or not depends not on the Surface in itself, but Windows RT. The only third-party applications that run on Windows RT are using the Metro interface and are distributed through the Windows Store. At this time, there are so many applications, and many of those that exist are mediocre “
  • “If you do not buy a blanket, you’re missing a big part of the experience of Surface. I would say that you also lose an important part of the Windows experience RT: RT Office really needs a keyboard and pointing device to be useful. You will be almost entirely dependent applications using WinRT Metro style “

Gizmodo :

  • “That unspeakable ‘Hey, this device feels good quality’ is emblazoned across the Surface. I appreciate every time you hold it and light it. It is a simple and joyful experience “
  • “The Surface is instantly more charming than any Windows device I’ve ever seen him. It is almost the perfect size, and the shape has no reproach. If you want a tablet, use it as a tablet. If you want a laptop, use it as a laptop. Both ways seem right “
  • “Do you want a laptop RT Surface? Sorry, the Touch Cover is a disappointment (…) only approximates a real keyboard – the buttons are activated by pressure, are just buttons, and spaced so that mistakes are inevitable and constant. “
  • “Windows RT is the biggest disappointment of all, disappointment lethal, because it is not Windows 8, but Windows RT. You can not tell the difference by looking at them, but you will see it when you use it. has less power (opens and syncs all very slow), dysfunctional (can not install any application that is not in the app store, which offers a poor choice) and some planned (not integrated applications can feel like a version “light” of something better) “

The Verge :

  • “There is much to love (this device). Much – but not enough for me now “
  • “The Promise of Living was that could deliver the best experience in tablets, but then become the PC you needed when you needed heavier tasks. Instead of leaving my tablet and get the laptop, simply add the keyboard and would do the job. But that is not offered by the Surface, at least not in my experience. It makes the task of a tablet and a laptop work half as well as other devices on the market, and often makes the task more difficult, not easier. Rather than being a device without compromise, it feels more like one of commitment. “

PC World :

  • “The quality of construction on is firm and confident, and exude the same kind of austere precision found in the German performance cars”
  • “Surface RT may not be the best device with Windows to buy in the short term, and Windows RT definitely not the version of Windows you want to invest. I doubt that any other tablet can achieve the low weight and thinness of RT with Touch Surface Cover, but many people will be better off waiting for a tablet that runs the full version of Windows 8 in silicon x86 “

Wired :

  • “The cameras HD 720p – border and back – are rubbish. There is no other way to say it. The camera has a significant lag time when you’re taking pictures, and the picture quality looks like the last picture you took with your Razr V3. It should be fine, however, for Skype “
  • “It’s a great device. It’s something new, in a new space, and probably confuse many long time customers of Microsoft. People have problems with applications – especially when they find online and are given the option to running in Internet Explorer, only to discover that this will not work. But overall it’s pretty good, certainly better than any Android tablet on the market. Once the application ecosystem grows, is a viable alternative to the iPad too “
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