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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Science |

Rule out use Facebook cause depression

Rule out use Facebook cause depression

A number of studies came to “prove” that was related to is that as many know, this network has been cause for jealousy, strife, fighting, cause low self-esteem and even divorces. But a study of Facebook users showed no relationship between the use of this social network and clinical depression.

The study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health attempted to test whether there was a relationship between the use of and symptoms of depression. To achieve this the team of Lauren Jelenchick, author of the study had supervised a group of students from 18 to 13 years old. The researchers sent messages to participants six times a day for a week to ask how much they were using the internet and how they were using that time.

The boys were separated into three groups, Internet use high, medium usage and low usage (use was considered high spending two hours or more on the Internet). Subsequently each completed a questionnaire designed to detect symptoms of clinical depression.

The results? These showed that many of the studies that supposedly relate to social networks with depression are, for lack of a better description, very unreliable.

Other cases reported did not take into account important factors such as are for example, “friends” crap that you just are annoying or worse, they send you links to content desmotivaba, just for the pleasure of making people feel bad. In cases where you have friends better quality depression was not detected.

Jelenchick ensures that just have not been enough studies to say that the use of social networking causes depression, even sentence should be to study how people use social networks and not use them much.

“I’m not saying they do not cause a change in your mood,” “If you have a teenager and spend too much time on Facebook, but his grades in school with good and have a good group of friends, not necessarily a bad thing,” said scientist.

The reality is that can make you feel bad anywhere, at school, at work, even worse, at home. What is important, particularly for teenagers, keep an eye on them and No let the Internet become a nanny / best friend / confidant.

Link: Facebook Not Linked To Depression, Study Finds University Of Wisconsin (The Huffington Post)

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