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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Amazon could buy the chip division of Texas Instruments OMAP

Rumor: Amazon could buy the chip division of Texas Instruments OMAP

Since last month are circulating on the web some rumors about Texas Instruments and its possible withdrawal from the market of mobile devices , so far has not been confirmed or denied by Texas Instruments, which becomes stronger but new rumors suggest that it would in the sights.

The release schedule for Texas Instruments has suffered some delays, due to which the family of SoCs Texas Instruments OMAP 5 will debut next year , although it is expected this year, and this delay may have cost him lose his place as the third largest manufacturer of SoCs industry because now holds MediaTek .

Although Texas Instruments continues to have a privileged position in the ARM ecosystem, apparently the rumors about his departure from the market ARM SoCs for mobile devices may have some truth, as rumors say that Texas Instruments is negotiating the possible sale of its division omap SoCs to Amazon, one of its largest customers.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon is the maker of Kindle Fire tablets, which are based on the Texas Instruments OMAP SoC, so materialize selling OMAP division, Amazon would be better positioned to deal with its rivals in the market of (including Apple and Samsung), besides being able to enter new markets such as and industrial systems (embedded).

Link: Amazon May Acquire Texas Instruments – Paper (Xbit Labs)

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