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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: AMD CPU canceled their Vishera?

Rumor: AMD CPU canceled their Vishera?

launched a few months ago their new A-Series microprocessors second Generation “Trinity” in their editions to laptops to desktops OEM and economic workstations , and it is rumored that the desktop version will be available from retail this October 1 .

All variants of the Trinity APU are based on the new micro-architecture of AMD piledriver architecture will also be used in microprocessors second generation FX “Vishera” , but due to the uncertainty of its launch and many rumors about possible dates release that never came true , new rumors circulating about a possible cancellation of these chips.

According to the latest rumors, AMD have decided to cancel the release of their CPUs based Vishera Piledriver, and brought forward the launch of its future microprocessors based on micro-architecture Steamroller. Apparently these new microprocessors continue to use the current socket +.

The Rumor suggests that in September this year, AMD will launch its microprocessors Opteron “Abu Dhabi” , which will be compatible with the G34 socket, and are based on Piledriver.

The reason for the cancellation of Vishera may be linked to this new chip could offer very little improvement in performance for Zambezi (AMD FX-Series first generation).

We believe it is very unlikely that this rumor is true, but the absolute silence of AMD on Vishera sobering.

Link: AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller? (Darkvision Hardware)

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