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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: AMD Opterons with IGP FirePro prepared based 3D response to Trinity Xeon E3-1200 V2 Series

Rumor: AMD Opterons with IGP FirePro prepared based 3D response to Trinity Xeon E3-1200 V2 Series

Last month Intel launched its new microprocessors Xeon E3-1200 V2 Series “Ivy Bridge-DT” for workstations and servers, which are based on the micro-architecture Ivy Bridge and integrated graphics Intel Graphics Professional HD 4000 (P4000) , those with additional extensions DirectX and OpenGL, aimed at professional graphics applications.

For some time many analysts have wondered why has not released an with certified drivers for professional segment focused on servers and workstations to compete against the Xeon E3 Series, and apparently AMD finally released based Opterons APU focused on those markets, which may be released during Q4 (October to December) this year.

These new will use the same socket Trinity APU used in desktop and have a memory controller ECC (error correction) integrated DDR3-1866 (Trinity ECC desktop will not active). These APUs will debut the 3D, which will be the same IGP-based desktops and laptops used in the APU Trinity, but will have additional DirectX and OpenGL extensions and applications specific to rendering, raytracing, and other intensive applications, in addition to support OpenCL GPGPU API.

These new APU Opteron arrive during the second half of this year on multiple servers and workstations from HP, Supermicro, SeaMicro and others.

AMD also has future planned future Opterons based APU Kaveri, which make their appearance next year, and is expected to exist also in future Opteron-based APUs based on micro-architecture Excavator (the successor to Steamroller).

Interestingly though IGPs FirePro exist, yet nothing is known about the FirePro GPUs and architecture-based FireStream Graphics Core AMD Next, a secret that AMD has apparently kept under 7 keys.

Link: AMD Answers Intel Xeon, Opteron APU Trinity Comes in Q4 2012? (Bright Side of News)

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