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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: AMD Radeon launch SSD drives

Rumor: AMD Radeon launch SSD drives

is not in the best of times, or the market for CPUs / APUs x86 or the market for GPUs , so in recent times have been looking for ways to expand its business lines, as a result for some month began marketing their modules Radeon Memory for desktop PC and video card, as well as utilities such as Radeon RAMDisk . To these will be joined ssd future.

SemiAccurate reveals that AMD plans to launch its own line of SSDs, which will be marketed under the Radeon, the same brand used in his famous video cards and memory modules, and apparently intended to promote new products in future for the PC platform.

AMD does not have a division focused on the development of chips and controllers, so it’s likely that just as in the Radeon Memory modules, AMD subcontracts the manufacturing of its units to a SSD Radeon ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) still undisclosed.

AMD Radeon SSD drives could eventually become an interesting product, depending on how the AMD advertises, which is slowly on its way to providing a range of products covering all internal components of a PC, and could use it to market them as a platform optimized for the joint operation, and also to gain some publicity in non-AMD platforms.

Link: AMD to launch Radeon-branded SSDs (SemiAccurate)

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