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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Hardware News |

Rumor: AMD Sea Islands GPUs will make their appearance in October with new name

Rumor: AMD Sea Islands GPUs will make their appearance in October with new name

NVIDIA has had a month quite active releasing several members of his family latest GeForce 700 GPUs, while has received these releases with some very welcome adjustments in the prices of their GPUs .

Although price adjustments are very good news for consumers, many potential buyers of video cards, prefer to wait until all offers are available before investing, which will not happen until AMD releases its next-generation GPUs.

AMD officially announced it would launch its new (codenamed Sea Islands) from October to December this year, GPUs presumed to be based on the graph or 1.2, which included many adjustments to increase performance oriented per watt, provide lower temperatures and quieter operation (it is speculated that premiered a cooling system for higher quality reference).

As rumored, AMD also reportedly decided to launch these new GPUs under the trade name: Radeon HD Series, for this new generation of GPUs hopes to repeat past glories as the family remembered ATI Radeon 9000 Series GPUs, which had several chips to be won consumer preferences as GPUs Radeon HD 9500 Pro (modeable 9700 Pro) and the popular Radeon 9550 (modeable to Radeon 9600).

Although not mentioned on ChinaDIY, this decision could also have been given to consumers to avoid falling into confusion when trying to activate the Dual Graphics technology of the , which also incorporated based integrated graphics Sea Islands.

As current Richland APU already use the name HD 8000 series integrated graphics, it makes sense for AMD would launch its new generation of APUs, GPUs and possibly also a new generation of CPUs, all under the trade name 9000 Series .

AMD has not confirmed or denied this rumor.

Link: AMD下代显å¡æ¬²å¼ƒHD8000 10月份å‘布命åå°† (ChinaDIY)


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