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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: AMD will launch its Opteron CPUs Abu Dhabi next month

Rumor: AMD will launch its Opteron CPUs Abu Dhabi next month

According to AMD’s release schedule is expected to make an appearance this year microprocessors based on micro-architecture, known by its code name Abu Dhabi, according to new rumors microprocessors that will be released next month.

Although rumors suggested that these chips would come a few weeks after May , so far nothing was known of them, but since Xbit Labs via Fudzilla comes some information about them.

The amd Opteron processor are targeted to servers multi-socket, the new Opteron “Abu Dhabi” are based on the new micro-architecture Piledriver, the same used in the APU AMD A Series of 2nd generation “Trinity” and are available in configurations with from two Piledriver modules (four integer cores+2 floating point units) up to eight modules (16 integer cores + eight floating point units). All compatible with the current G34 socket.

According Xbit Labs, the new Opteron have lower frequencies than the current Opteron “Interlagos” (based on Bulldozer micro-architecture “) data used to make many assumptions about your performance and consumer prefer to avoid until it is available, at which point we can extrapolate their performance compared with that replace CPUs, and deduct your really have to wait for the desktop version called AMD FX-Series second generation “Vishera”.

Link: AMD Abu Dhabi server launch next month Could parts (Fudzilla)

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