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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: ASRock ASUS plans to acquire

Rumor: ASRock ASUS plans to acquire

Since 2010, ASRock has emerged as the third largest motherboard manufacturer in the industry , a position it maintained until the present, while the top two spots are occupied by (1st) and Gigabyte (2nd). As we know, both ASUS and are separate divisions belonging to the consortium ASUSTEK, and the latter was interested in that second ASRock conquer .

In an effort to further increase its market share both ASUS and Asrock , both have been locked in a bitter struggle against Gigabyte advertising, but according to SemiAccurate inform us, in order to consolidate its dominant position, both could reach merge into a single manufacturer monstrous.

ASRock ASUS plans to acquire, and if it would come to fruition in the card industry bigwigs mother with two dominate the market (ASUS and Gigabyte), and many small fish (MSI, ECS, Foxconn, Biostar, PCChips, Jetway, Chaintech and others) that may be affected in very bad shape, and little can be done to promote a price war in this sector.

We look at how this issue develops. We will keep you informed.

Link: Asus makes an offer to buy Asrock (SemiAccurate)

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