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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Future GeForce GTX 780 will be based on GK110

Since the launch of its GTX 400 Series GPUs (codenamed Fermi), has adopted a scheme very similar to the known releases Tick Tock Intel, in which first launched a new architecture, the next year will release a version refined based on the same architecture, and so forth.

This year made their appearance the new GeForce GTX 600 Series GPUs, which were the first GPUs based on architecture Kepler (GK10x Series), and next year we expect the launch of the GeForce GTX 700 Series GPUs (GK11x Series) which will be based on the refined version of architecture (Kepler Kepler second generation or 2), which could bring some new features such as support to the recent DirectX 11.1.

The GeForce 700 Series GPUs will not be the first GPUs based on Kepler 2, this honor belongs to the future cGPU Tesla K20 , which is based on the core GK110, but according Xtreview have discovered that Nvidia is also preparing its new GeForce GPUs 700 Series, epitomized be the GeForce GTX 780, which will be based on the core GK110.

The GeForce will arrive during the first three months of next year, but its specifications are still unknown, could reach 2880 shader processors with its assets, or with some shaders disabled, so you might have to possess the GTX 780: 2880, 2688 , 2496, 2304, 2112, 1920, or 1728 shaders.


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