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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: FX 2 nd generation “Vishera” are the latest AMD CPUs domestic

A few weeks ago AMD officially confirmed that July to September this year will launch its new microprocessors AMD FX 2nd generation, known by its codename Vishera ; whose launch is present in the product roadmap AMD for the years 2012 and 2013 , which curiously does not mention any successor 2013.

Donanim Haber, in another of his claims that leaks FX microprocessors second generation “Vishera” (based on micro-architecture Piledriver, the same used in the current APU Trinity ) will launch the latest microprocessors to AMD for the market , so there will be no FX AMD microprocessor-based third-generation micro-architecture for future Steamroller.

This seems Donanim Having to rely on the recent statements by the CEO of AMD, Rory Read, about their future focus on its APUs and GPUs .

Link: AMD’nin ikinci nesil soket FX for AM3 + iÅŸlemcileri formunda olacak (Donanim Haber)

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