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Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Gadgets |

Rumor: Google is preparing a game console with Android

Rumor: Google is preparing a game console with Android

Today, the Wall Street Journal has reported that is working on a video game based on the operating system, seeking to enter a battlefield is today dominated by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, with these companies recently launched models generation.

The idea is to mimic the concept that independent companies have created products like Ouya, Gamestick and Project SHIELD , all based on the Android mobile operating system which is now used to run games like the center of the home on a large TV .

Google would secretly working on this project, however, is reportedly planning a sample to the public as soon as this year, probably during the final months of 2013. What is not known is whether Google will be responsible for manufacturing the product, such process may assign labor to a foreign company as it has done with the series of Nexus smartphones and tablets, of which today handles ASUS and LG.

Link: Google Reportedly working on Android game console (Neowin)

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