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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Haswell-ULX is the codename of future SoC 10W TDP Intel Haswell

Rumor: Haswell-ULX is the codename of future SoC 10W TDP Intel Haswell

We know that Intel is developing its future SoC based on Haswell microarchitecture with 10W TDPs from , which we assumed was trying to lower frequency variants of Haswell SoC-ULT, but from SemiAccurate report that it will be a completely new line of Haswell-denominated products ULX.

Future SoC-ULX Haswell will be a little different from Haswell SoC-ULT, because quite apart from its various TDP (10W and 15W Haswell, Haswell ULX-ULT) and different operating frecuancias, new incorporate the technology Crystalwell ie EDRAM 128MB 512-bit dedicated to integrated graphics GT3, feature responsible for their lower consumption .

Haswell-ULX not exactly inexpensive, and apparently it would have been the reason for the angry comments Ultrabooks many manufacturers about the absurdity of their possible price .

It is the first time I heard the name in a code name microprocessor, so that we can validate this rumor until I see more data from these future SoC.

Link: Intel ULV to split up with Haswell (SemiAccurate)

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