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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Intel to build as x86 CPUs for Apple

Rumor: Intel to build as x86 CPUs for Apple

After many rumors about the possible abandonment of microprocessors for Apple, some pointing to AMD as its new supplier of CPUs , others suggesting that Apple could develop its own microprocessors based on ARM , from Xtreview Rumor comes a completely different .

According to analyst Nathan Brookwood of Insight 64, it would make sense to think that Apple, at least for now do not want complicated changing supplier of microprocessors (or architecture) instead could ask Intel microprocessors “tailored” products without equivalent line Intel’s consumer.

If true these rumors, in future Apple products x86 (MacPro, iMac, MacBook, etc.) could see interesting and unique Intel microprocessors with features not found in similar products, for example we could have quad-core core i5 CPUs with HyperThreading enabled (the Core i5 quad-core consumer have no HyperThreading), or low-end CPUs such as and with HyperThreading enabled and advanced instructions (the Celeron and Pentium HT have no consumer or AVX instructions), or Core i3 with Turbo technology among other endless possibilities.

These potential products to be available exclusively for Apple computers, would not jeopardize his current and very distinct traditional product line.

Nathan does not exclude that in the future Apple will unify its product lines to develop its own microprocessor, which at that time must be powerful enough to accommodate its entire line of products, but there is still much to do.


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