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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Intel x86 SoCs will not support dedicated GPUs

Rumor: Intel x86 SoCs will not support dedicated GPUs

Last week, Intel said it will focus on the development of SoCs x86 , but that does not mean they will miss the traditional interchangeable CPUs, developing two separate product lines. But from SemiAccurate possibly tell us that these future will close the doors to the graphics.

We know that unlike traditional Intel microprocessors (CPUs), the first SoC code known by name and Haswell Haswell-ULT-ULX , will not support 3.0, maintaining the PCIe bus supports 2.0, but this is not a factor to worry about, because there are almost no performance differences between the two specifications of the PCIe bus , but to do this we must add that they have very few SoC PCIe (PCIe) available, which greatly limited its support for cards Dedicated video.

Although Intel has not revealed how many lines will be available PCIe their SoC for use in PCIe devices (LAN / WiFi, audio, Bluetooth, etc.), apparently these are insufficient to use dedicated video cards based on GPUs Nvidia and AMD, a measure of SemiAccurate that labeled as Intel’s attempt to close the doors of their platforms to both manufacturers of GPUs.

The sensible thing is to think that these SoC products are intended for very low power consumption, where a hungry watts would not be a suitable companion; reason that Intel would understand this decision. Overall, users searching for desktops and notebooks with more powerful graphics, they can always turn to platforms based on traditional interchangeable CPUs (Socket LGA and PGA).

Link: Intel slams the door on discrete GPUs (SemiAccurate)

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