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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: More details of future AMD GPUs Sea Islands

Rumor: More details of future AMD GPUs Sea Islands

We know that four months ago AMD completed the design stage (taped out) of future Sea Islands GPUs , GPUs which currently must be in debug stage and almost ready for mass production. Although so far there are no specific data on these new GPUs ( except rumors ) from SemiAccurate few data we receive.

GPUs will be based on an evolved version, optimized architecture, which could be called Graphics Core Next 2 (GCN2), which also brings some new features, including full compatibility and optimization for Standard Heterogeneous System (HSA) and perhaps new and improved engines encoding/decoding hardware accelerated video (UVD / VCE).

It is said that AMD promised its partners a 30% higher performance than current Southern Islands GPUs (Radeon HD 7000 Series), although this figure may be somewhat optimistic, and reflected only in rare situations, so you probably think of a 15% higher performance would be more reasonable.

In terms of die size and manufacturing costs, Sea Islands is apparently an improvement similar to that between Evergreen (Radeon HD 5000 Series) and Northern Islands (Radeon HD 6000 Series), so it is not expected that new GPUs have a die size much different from today’s Southern Islands, making improvements of these new chips will focus on optimization of algorithms and the most experience with the manufacturing process at TSMC 28nm that AMD has accumulated since the launch of Southern Islands late last year.

Apparently the new family of AMD GPUs Sea Islands will not make an appearance this year, and its most likely release date in March next year (2013), although this could change.

Link: What is the latest on AMD’s Sea Islands? (SemiAccurate)

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