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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Possible prices AMD Trinity APU socket FM2

Rumor: Possible prices AMD Trinity APU socket FM2

According to the latest rumors, amd A-Series apu second generation “Trinity” will be released on October 1 of this year , and are available in a wide variety of models: A10, A8, A6 and A4 5000 Series.

Although we know several of the models to be launched, yet know their launch prices, but a Rumor that we received a few weeks ago, which suggested that the more expensive model “A10-5800K” cost U.S. $131 , but comes from WCCF Tech A new rumor suggests that prices are not so low:

  • A10-5800K: U.S. $165.99
  • A10-5700: U.S. $155.99
  • A8-5600K: $129.99
  • A8-550: U.S. $120.99
  • A6-5400K: $89.99
  • A4-5300: $69.99

AMD has not confirmed rumors either, but, if true recent rumors, the APU socket higher priced have a very similar to the recently launched third-generation Core i3 , which are priced between U.S. $125 to U.S. $147.

Link: AMD A-Series APU’s Trinity Detailed Pricing and Specifications (WCCF Tech)

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