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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Samsung plans to abandon the manufacture of graphics memory chips

Rumor: Samsung plans to abandon the manufacture of graphics memory chips

Yesterday we published the figures for market share for x86 GPU which revealed a worrying for manufacturers of dedicated GPUs: the IGP each year they gained ground, and that means fewer sales of video cards based on GPUs dedicated what in turn means less sales of all associated components in them, including GDDR graphics chips.

is the largest manufacturer of graphics memory chip market, and is without doubt one of the most affected by this situation, as the IGPs are evolving much faster than the own GPUs, surpassing many current low-end GPUs , and the race for supremacy between Intel and AMD IGPs have no symptoms of weakened, but on the contrary, next year are expected IGPs Intel GT3 and the monstrous IGP Graphics Core-based Next APU present in the Kaveri of AMD.

The IGPs share the memory controller integrated into the CPU, so it does not require the use of dedicated graphics memory (VRAM), but the conventional system memory (DRAM), and its increased presence in the graphics market are endangering the business manufacturers of graphics memory chips, which they see every time reduces chip order volumes and profit margins, which could make them feel that the of GDDR memory chips is not a profitable business.

Such events could influence a that is blaring in the industry: Samsung abandon the production of graphics memory chip, although rumor is not confirmed by Samsung, could have serious consequences in the business of the GPUs should it materialize.

Those of SemiAccurate assume that perhaps the rumor that Samsung does not mean completely abandon the business of manufacturing GDDR5 chips, but would probably invest in and development for any new specification, which is almost as bad.

Things could get ugly in the business of video cards. We will keep you informed.

Link: Samsung rumored to exit graphics memory business (SemiAccurate)

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