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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: socket LGA 1150 Motherboards bring new ATX power connectors

Rumor: socket LGA 1150 Motherboards bring new ATX power connectors

A few weeks ago revealed its specifications Haswell microarchitecture , which will be based on future fourth-generation Core microprocessors, which are available in a wide range of variants aimed at different types of equipment and market segments , among They desktops socket LGA 1150.

is focused variant desktop socket LGA 1150, the replacement of the current LGA 1155 socket, and that according to information reaching us from KitGuru, due to new power requirements of microprocessors Haswell-DT, will require new power connectors on the motherboard socket compatible with them.

The current high-end motherboards have two power connectors: one 24-pin EATX and an eight-pin ATX, but the LGA 1150 socket motherboards could dispense with the latter replacing it with a new six-pin connector (or perhaps less number of pins). This measure would have some implications for current manufacturers of power supplies, which will probably have to launch new models include cables or adapters required, and this would mean an increase in the cost of them, not to mention the potential problems associated with the sources ” economic “.

Leaving aside the possible complications for manufacturers of power supplies, this change reflects the power specifications of Intel’s efforts to decrease the consumption of their future platforms, although I personally would have preferred to keep the old but still extensively used four-pin atx connector, rather than creating a new one, that unless these rumors are wrong.

Link: Intel Haswell introduce new power requirement for 1150 (KitGuru)

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