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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Specifications future GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

Rumor: Specifications future GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

It is expected that next year launched their new 700 Series GPUs based on architecture second GPUs on that so far there is no concrete data, except rumors that suggest they could be based on the core GK110 (the same used in the recently launched Tesla K20X ) or in undisclosed GK114 . From Xtreview support this latest Rumor and bring us mysterious specifications.

GPUs Kepler first generation are comprised of up to four modules called GPCs, where each comprises two GPC SMX, which in turn are composed of 192 shader processors (SPs). Nvidia made a reorganization in its second generation Kepler where each GPC is composed of three SMX, ie had a GPCs with 384 shaders each (4 GPCs => 4 X 384 = 1536 SPs in Kepler 1G), with 576 to GPCs shader processors (4 GPCs => 4 X 576 = 2304 SPs in Kepler 2G), and the latter will be the configuration of the new GK114 (according to Xtreview).

If the rumors, GK114 could end up being almost 50% higher than the current GK104, although this does not necessarily mean it will have a 50% higher performance, but expect at least a 20% yield and 25% higher, depending on your final operating frequency. This new Kepler lack of double precision hardware GK110 present in order to improve their consumption and reduce their manufacturing cost compared with his older brother (GK110).

Building on this rumor, and although I have not posted last week rumors circulated from other less reliable sources, suggesting that the GeForce will be based on the core GK110, which will have just 10 active SMX (1920 shader processors), rumor that sounds less credible than the latter, it should be remembered that GK110 has 15 SMX (2880 SPs), and it is unlikely a chip with many units disabled.


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