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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: Successor of Trinity will be compatible with socket FM2 and FM2 +

Rumor: Successor of Trinity will be compatible with socket FM2 and FM2 +

If there’s one thing that characterizes the computer, is that as soon as a new product comes out, he immediately starts talking about his successor, and recently launched AMD A-5000 Series “Trinity” is no exception to the rule. From Fudzilla we get some more rumors about his immediate successor: the APU Richland .

The APU apparently is a shortened version of the APU Kaveri, and according to Fudzilla will be compatible with the current socket FM2, and also with the future socket +, data that contradicts recent claims mentioning that FM2 would be the last socket before unification its two sockets: AM3 + and FM2 .

If true this rumor, the future socket FM2 + follow the tradition of socket AM2 +, which kept fully compatible with socket AM2, while adding some improvements, which in a way not interfere with the current socket FM2 support least two generations after Trinity APUs .

The Rumor also talks about the future chipset known by the code name Bolton (successor to the Hudson chipset AMD chipsets used in A55/A75/A85X) chipset that will come in two variants: Bolton and Bolton-D3-D4, the first an economic version intended to replace the A55 chipset, the second the new top-end chipset (possibly A95X call). Both chipsets will be compatible with socket motherboards FM2 and FM2 +.

It is too early to give as valid these rumors.

Link: AMD socket FM2 uses Richland (Fudzilla)

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