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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumor: There will be a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7

Rumor: There will be a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7

The first service pack for the system 7 was released in February 2011, and with the introduction of Windows 8 , which will be released in a couple of days, many users expect that Microsoft will not forget his still quite popular Windows 7, and they launched a new (SP2) that will give it some of the new technologies introduced with Windows 8 as support WDDM driver model 1.2 and the new DirectX 11.1.

The Tech Report reports that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed to them that is not in Microsoft’s plans to develop a new service pack for its popular operating system, so the current Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 will be the first and only Service Pack available for this operating system, a decision that would have been taken towards focusing all resources of the company in its new Windows 8.

Windows Vista users benefited from the Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista, Windows Vista which brought many improvements of the new Windows 7 API like DirectX 11 support and associated benefits as their support WDDM driver model 1.1 and the desktop, typography, animations, and images hardware accelerated thanks to the API Direct2D, DirectWrite, and other components of DirectX libraries 11.

He that Microsoft does not plan to launch a new service pack for Windows 7, does not mean to stop this operating system abandoned because patches continue to publish monthly until January 2020.

Given these rumors, The Register was contacted Microsoft, but their response was that they have nothing to say about Windows 7 SP2, comment that does not deny or confirm this rumor.

Link: Microsoft has no plans for a second Windows 7 Service Pack (The Register)

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