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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rumour: AMD could delay until 2014 to Steamroller

Rumour: AMD could delay until 2014 to Steamroller

OBR Hardware From the web known opponent of AMD, comes a new and very credible that have decided to postpone its future microprocessors and APUs based on their recently detailed microarchitecture Steamroller .

Before proceeding with this new rumor, it is noteworthy that OBR Hardware has had several miscues on AMD, the most recent being the false rumor that microprocessors would Vishera recent AMD CPUs without IGP , rumor denied by AMD, which even promised at least a generation of CPUs compatible with the AM3+ socket after the start of Vishera .

Because of these weaknesses of OBR Hardware is very unlikely that this new rumor ends fulfilled, but will post it anyway: According OBR Hardware, AMD does not have enough resources (capital for R&D “research and development” and/or engineers sufficient) to complete the design “taped-out” of future products based on micro-architecture Steamroller, added thereto potential problems with the manufacturing process of Global Foundries 28nm.

The combination of the factors described in the previous paragraph would prevent AMD CPUs and APUs can throw based until 2014, which would force it to release chips based substitutes current 32nm manufacturing process, including the rumored .

Finally a new rumor to the long list of disastrous speculation outputs from OBR Hardware, and possibly finish as the previous unfulfilled, but complied, it would not be very serious for AMD, considering that during the last two years has concentrated its releases October, nearly ending the year, so a possible delay to the first months of next year will not change too its release schedule.

Link: AMD Steamroller delayed to 2014! (OBR Hardware)

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