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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Internet |

Russia comes into force a law threatening Internet freedom

Russia comes into force a law threatening Internet freedom

The issue of freedom pint worsening worldwide: Governments seem more focused on getting forms to censor the Internet than seeking ways to ensure access to most of the population and reduce the digital divide …

The truth is we started the week with bad news coming from Russia, which has just come into force on a controversial Internet that parliament passed a couple of weeks.

This rule, which was ratified on Saturday by President Vladimir Putin and apply today provides for the establishment of a registry of that contain information prohibited by law, as for example child pornography, then forcing providers services to them.

Now, who oppose this bill explained that the problem is, like many laws that can be born with good intentions but then passed to the ‘dark side’, that this rule creates legal and technical structure that would then lead block or of Web sites that “disturb” the Putin government.

As always in these cases, the shadow of self-censorship is present, and fear of being subject to penalties and/or blockages, many administrators of Web sites tend to doubt the publications engaged, thinking before if they can “bothering” Government … In short, a new threat to Internet freedom is born, and speaks Russian.

Link: Russia enters into force on a controversial law that threatens to stifle the Red (The World)

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