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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Science |

Russia plans to put permanent bases on the Moon

Russia plans to put permanent bases on the Moon


The agencies of Europe, Canada, and India met yesterday to discuss various topics space, and the discussion became particularly interesting when you started to talk about the moon, which appears to be the fate of almost everyone (except NASA is focused on getting to Mars).

Russia plans to go even further: “We’re not talking about repeating what humanity did 40 years ago. We are talking about permanent bases,” said Vladimir Popovkin, head of the agency Roscosmos.

The idea of putting lunar bases is not new among international space agencies, but so far had not been raised in a serious way, as a project that could actually be done in a short time.

JAXA, the Japanese agency, said his program also includes carrying astronauts to the moon. Although the asteroid appears to be being ignored by NASA, does not mean it stops being interesting.

The space sector is getting quite interesting, NASA plans to land on an asteroid and then take humans to Mars in the coming decades, with China building its own space station.

Link: Russian Space Chief: “We’re Talking About Establishing permanent bases” on the Moon (PopSci)

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