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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Internet |

Ryan Cleary admits Lulzsec website hacked the CIA and Pentagon

Ryan Cleary admits Lulzsec website hacked the CIA and Pentagon

Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis, both belonging to the group of , confessed to having been behind the attacks on the main institutions of the United States and Great Britain and being part of a branch of Anonymous cyber group.

Hackers had to face the courts of the United States, where they were accused of having illegally accessed the websites of the CIA and the U.S. Air Force Agency at the Pentagon, as well as an attempt on the pages of the Police Arizona , Nintendo, Sony, etc., and stole personal data of each of these organisms.

Also this group is credited with the authorship of massive cyber attacks against the websites of the British Agency Organized Crime (SOCA for its acronym in English), Bethesda, the National Health Service, among others.

Moreover, the group had launched DDoS attacks to cripple sites with high traffic. Within these attacks would be launched against the Sun newspaper’s website, at which the cover was changed to a false story that declared the death of Rupert Murdoch.

and Davis confessed to most of the attacks, but denied having published private information in public places, such as web LulzSec in The Pirate Bay, Pastebin, and others.

Meanwhile, Ryan Ackroyd (25) and a boy of 17 who are accused of collaborating in the attacks will be brought to justice during April next year if they are checked for participation.

All individuals accused were released on bail, except Cleary. Moreover, the U.S. no longer seek the extradition of Cleary, so it will be tried in the UK.

Link: Ryan Cleary’s LulzSec admits hacking Into CIA and the Pentagon (The Telegraph)

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