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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Software |

Sales of Windows 8 would be below the expectations of Microsoft

Sales of Windows 8 would be below the expectations of Microsoft

and spent three weeks on the market, enough to make a mini balance and wonder about the operating system performance when selling copies. And according to Paul Thurrott’s report, the results to date are below original estimates and of Microsoft.

Currently, Windows 8 has sold four million copies currently according to official figures. And in the company seem to have clear reasons, according to an inside source confided to Thurrott: the slow adoption of an operating system to PC makers and their inability to be sold to consumers attractive models. Hence perhaps the idea out of Steve Ballmer f abricar more hardware .

Thurrott also cites other reasons that may influence the low adoption of Windows 8, such as the confusion of the versions of the operating system for users, the Steven Sinofsky output of the Windows division , or that began to compete directly with partners with the launch of Surface.

However, there is some reason that seems to have a lot of weight and it’s just the comfort that users currently have Windows 7, and do not need to jump into the eight. That, coupled with the instability in the PC market and the wide range of alternative devices such as tablets, make far Windows 8 will not be the success that its creators would like.

Anyway, this race is still just beginning, time will tell if Windows 8 ends as his predecessor, or if it becomes a Vista 2.

Link: Windows 8 Sales Well Below Projections, Plenty of Blame to Go Around (Windows Supersite)

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