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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

sales processor X86 continue to decline

X86 processor sales continue to decline

During the third quarter, the distribution numbers of with architecture fell at rates not seen for over a decade, according to Mercury Research Group. Compared to the same period last year, these numbers fell 9%, in what is the worst quarter since 2001.

After these results, the two main competitors in the segment, and processors, saw their profits fell, but at different levels. And tools like Intel sees its market share grew from 80 to 86% in AMD opposite happens and down from 18.8 to 16.1% of the total.

Mercury’s report also indicates that the main advantage of Intel over AMD came in the desktop sector, mainly due to the aggressive pricing strategy for its Intel Ivy Bridge based processors. Instead, AMD made its previous turnover Llano chips for the new Trinity just as the market was beginning to shrink, which in the opinion of analysts was not the best of moves.

More worryingly, for the main stakeholders in sales, is that the third quarter is normally a fairly strong, where equipment sales grow both desktop and portable, yet total sales fell 4% from the previous quarter. In Mercury Research, yes, hope things get better for next year, and much of that improvement could come from the hand of Microsoft and its new Windows 8.

Anyway, none of this is too surprising, seeing as the trend today is increasingly buying tablets and less traditional teams.

Link: x86 processor shipments drop steeply in third quarter as gains on Intel AMD (PC World)

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