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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Software |

Salesforce CEO predicts that Windows 8 “is to Windows”

8 is officially released in less than a week and while there are many people who are waiting anxiously for the moment when they can do the update and set aside your “old” Windows 7, others believe that the new version of Windows is losing battle for Microsoft. One of those critics is the CEO of Salesforce.

For Marc Benioff, today a new desktop operating system is an irrelevant question. So much so, that people (according to their belief), is more concerned with the new that is coming in the form of mobile devices is the iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD, or mobile / tablet of choice. “We no longer speak of ‘traditional computing’, how many managers in technology companies will switch to Windows 8?” Said Benioff, to close with a quote: “Windows 8 is to Windows”.

The truth is that it is difficult to agree with Benioff’s words, although in recent years the paradigm has diversified with the relevance of mobile operating systems and alternatives that increasingly serve general purpose, such as Ubuntu. But to say that Windows will be irrelevant seems to go too far, especially when the new operating system will not close to traditional computers.

Of course, it will take months and who knows, does not sell anything and will go bankrupt by betting on a dinosaur. But it’s likely to happen otherwise, and Benioff is one more of those who criticized Windows 8 before it went on sale.

Link: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: Windows 8 is ‘the end of Windows’ (VentureBeat)

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