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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Companies |

Samsung and Apple are sanctioned by mutual patent violation

Samsung and Apple are sanctioned by mutual patent violation

The patent war between and adds a new and particular battle in which neither can be attributed the victory: A South Korean has sanctioned two companies for patent violation.

Sounds like a story of children fighting at school, but what happened in Seoul: Apple sued Samsung. Apple sued Samsung. The Court, which little school teacher, studied the cases and issued two separate verdicts with penalties for both.

The U.S. Apple out of this battle with a Fine of 40 million won (about $35,000) for violating two related to technology Samsung features wireless data transmission (wireless). Also should withdraw from South Korea-related products such patents, which include the iPhone 3S and iPhone 4, and the first two models of the iPad, so the new iPhone 4S and the iPad can keep selling quietly.

Samsung also takes his punishment: The Court held that the South Korean Seoul has infringed a patent relating to the management of devices: A rebound effect that occurs on the screen when you reach the end of a document, and that the company already Replaced in their new handsets. However, having built some of their terminals makes a fine of 25 million won (about $22,000), and the ban on the sale in its native land terminals include such functionality.

A Punishment imposed on both sides Korean justice, but it will not affect too much the manufacturers of both going to be more like a slight tap: The amounts of the fines are laughable for the turnover of these companies, and prohibiting them from selling products are old, so do not represent damage to their current market share.

Link: A South Korean court determines that both Apple and Samsung violated patents (Expansion)

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