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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Companies |

Samsung: Apple would not have sold even one iPhone without our patents

Samsung: Apple would not have sold even one iPhone without our patents

(CC) Dave Schumaker

In the lawsuit against that has Apple, the Cupertino company yesterday presented his pre-trial statement that begins on July 30 where they say that for violation of their intellectual property, the Korean company has caused about U.S. $500 million in losses and estimated that Samsung owes the sum of U.S. $2,525 million in damages.

In response, Samsung today presented his statement accusing the company founded by Steve Jobs that “there could have sold a single iPhone without the benefits of Samsung’s patented technologies,” saying that just sold his first phone almost 20 years later that when they began to develop technology for mobile phones, which have then used without pay for its use.

“Apple Samsung seeks to expel the market with claims based on design knowledge that Apple has also copied to other competitors, including Sony, and they used to develop the iPhone. Apple’s internal documents show, “said the Korean company.

They added that in February 2006, nearly a year before it was publicly announced the iPhone, the Cupertino executive Tony Fadell showed an interview with Steve Jobs where a designer of Sony rambled on devices that do not have an “excess of ornamentation as buttons that fit into a hand, a large square with rounded corners and display. “ With that description, have asked the Shin Nishibori Apple designer who created the design in AutoCAD and prepare a 3D model.

The company also argues that even in the summer of 2006 had phone designs with a large screen, simple designs and even the menu icons in a grid, stating that some ended up being commercially available phone like Samsung F700 .

Finally, Samsung said that despite the fact that virtually all other companies in the industry are willing to apply for a license to Samsung, Apple claims that the are invalid. Because of this, the Korean company accused Apple to offer the image of an innovator when it really only involved in copying existing systems and rapidly pantentarlos:

“Apple patents relating to ancillary features that allow users to perform functions on touch screens trivial even though these technologies were developed and crowded long before Apple entered the cellular market in 2007.”

Link: Samsung: Prove Our 2006 Apple phone concepts is a hypocrite (SlashGear)

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