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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Samsung buys NVELO, the developer of Dataplex SSD Cache

Samsung buys NVELO, the developer of Dataplex SSD Cache

NVELO, company known for Dataplex SSD Cache, its utility that lets you use the high speed of SSDs as a kind of fast hard disk cache , speeding up the loading time of both the operating system and its applications and games just been acquired by the giant Samsung.

announces its latest acquisition: NVELO, owner of Dataplex Cache, expected utility with which to make their SSDs more attractive, offering an alternative to Intel Technology SmartResponse but not be limited only to the Intel Z68 and Z77, offering improved performance to any chipset users.

Dataplex Software is currently used in several market SSDs as Corsair Accelerator, Adrenaline Crucial, OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid and Synapse, and it is unknown how this will affect recent of Samsung by size and whether Samsung will make available this utility for all SSDs or be limited to specific models.

Link: Samsung achete NVELO pour le SSD Caching (Hardware.FR)

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