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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Samsung denies rumors and provider remains LCD screens for Apple

Samsung denies rumors and provider remains LCD screens for Apple

According to recent newspaper reports Korea Times, would end his year-end agreement with and would no longer providing LCDs finally ending in several apple products. However, a representative of the Korean company stepped out to disprove the rumors completely: “One hundred percent are unfounded.”

The reasons cited by the implied that Samsung saw Apple partner falling, partly due to the rigidity of the production chain and also because they expected orders from Apple screens were reduced by 1.5 million units.

Samsung says people have contacted the Korea Times, asking for a review of the relevant article: “Samsung has ever thought of providing end LCD screens to Apple.” And the latter becomes very important, considering the number of legal wrongs in which both companies have been involved with design plagiarism accusations from both sides crossing.

In any case, given the strange relationship between the two, it envisions a day in which Apple may launch its products without any component inside Samsung. Although that day is not today, when just presented the new iPad and a new line of desktop and laptop computers.

Link: Samsung says it’s still Supplying LCD panels to Apple (CNET)

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